My magnetic appeal depicts an ideal of feminine pulchritude. From Our first encounter as you study my appearance from a distance you notice my legs. My legs are long slender, soft, smooth and perfectly toned. You will not be able to resist me in a pair of heels The room becomes hypnotize, as I slink through the room with my catwalk and the click-clack of my high heels eyes following me back and forth.

Next you will be drawn in by my warm, bright eyes. William Shakespeare once said, “The eyes are the windows to your soul. You will be captivated, as you stair into my soft, large, doe eyes perhaps you can see my sweat heart or maybe you will catch a glimpse of my playful soul.

My flirty smile as your eyes scroll down my body. My cheerful nature shines through my smile and illuminates the room. I hear my smile is contagious. My full, lushes lips frame my charming smile.

You will want to Basque in the glow on my gorgeous face from my supple skin. 

My elegant long  neck sits atop my shoulders.

My shoulders lay back as a women's shoulders are often defined as the front line to her mystique.

Follow the sexy curves in my back to my cute soft butt. You will not be able to keep your hands off.

 I often have a necklace that drapes into my cleavage. My breast are the perfect DD cup size. 

 My feet and hands soft and freshly manicured at all times. Overall you will find me aesthetically pleasing and very satisfying. To make an appointment with me please submit a bio on my inquiries page.


My demeanor is that I am shy and soft-spoken. I might whisper to you at times just to draw you in closer. When you lean in smell my Gucci Bamboo Perfume drawling you in as you become intoxicated by the soft dark sent in hopes that you kiss my neck. I secretly wish you lose control and nibble my neck instead of soft kisses.



Conquering new cities is one of my favorite things to do. I am always looking for a new experience. The jet-setter lifestyle is most exciting. I would love to come and visit you: we could discuss a vacation or a business trip. 

 A vacation to an exotic warm beach with the ocean waves rolling in and out is so blissful to me. A swim in the warm ocean, playing on the jet ski or basking in the warm rays of the sun aboard a yacht Bow or Stern side. Will, you put the sunscreen on my back for me? I prefer a privet yeah or Beach that way clothing is optional. 

I take great pride in my appearance my skin and the way I dress. Whether we only see each other for an hour or we have a weekend getaway, I dress to impress you. Fashion has always been an underlying long-term passion of mine. I love to admire avant-garde, abstract pieces of fashion. My style is more sensual. I love to tease people by showing off my long legs. 

After an encounter with me you will find yourself craving and another interaction you may not be able to wait till next time. I hope you extend our session so we can truly develop a connection physically and emotionally. Click on my inquiries page, then fill out the Bio to schedule


Giving back to the world is very important to me.  Becoming a contributing member to society was still at an early age. Tips are always appreciated but not required. A donation to one of my favorite charities would be greatly appreciated. Click the links provided and click donate. I have Ambitions of developing non-profit charity devoted to ending local child hunger. For now, volunteer and donations are my forms of expressing humanitarianism. Thank you.


My Secret Desires:

 The desires of a man are for the woman, but for the woman is to be the desire of man. A Swiss-born writer Madam De Steal. Famously proclaimed about 200 years ago. I want to be your fantasy drive you wild with desire ignite passion. Leaving me only to want more and more of me.


Do not let my beauty or my soft-spoken voice fool you I enjoy a harmless debate or discussion on current events. Political, world news, geography, travel, Cuisine design, art, and current events. I was in debt club in high school watch out I always present valid talking points. I promise you will enjoy our time together, our entire night will be filled with passion and conversation  


I enjoy Pilates and yoga at least three times a week. My toned slender figure is attributed to religious Pilates and yoga routine.